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Arguably one of the most popular female artists of today, P!nk has sold out concerts all over the world.

Finally Perth releases it’s own answer to P!nk – Pinked.

Performing musically as a 6-piece line up, Pinked covers P!nk’s greatest hits so far in an authentic and energetic 2 hour show for exclusive audiences only!

Taking time to reproduce the songs in the most authentic way possible Pinked provides a 100% live show. It will leave you second guessing… is this really just a tribute or the real thing?

Sabrina front’s the band as Perth’s answer to P!nk. Her energy, enthusiasm, uncanny resemblance and powerhouse vocals leave fans believing they have just experienced an intimate evening with the pop star herself.

Having performed on stages all over the world covering artists from Kylie Minogue to Whitney Houston, Pat Benatar to Aretha Franklin, Sabrina brings to Pinked a wealth of performance confidence and passion.

Pinked is largely inspired by the ‘I’m Not Dead Tour’ (Live At The Wembley Arena), as well as P!nk’s very latest hits such as True Love and Try from the ‘Truth About Love Tour’. Hits that are guaranteed floor fillers and will leave audiences wanting more from this feisty performer.